Taking a Hiatus

iStock_000016628515XSmallI have recently decided to take a break from blogging. It will probably be for a couple of months (i.e. the summer). The reasons are simple enough: I have found myself limited in terms of time, and have had to make some tough decisions about how to spend it. I have always believed it to be bad form to be writing more than one is reading. So, in taking my own advice, I am going to spend a couple of months engrossing myself in some of the literature that will continue to create substance for this website.

It is hard to believe that this blog has been active now for two years – time flies. My vision was to create some quality essays and posts that engage much of the mainstream thinking on what it means to be human, and to present as accurate a portrayal of humanity as I am able to understand it. I also wanted to create a dialogue of optimism, for how we, as a society, might try to move forward with our challenges. So far, I think I have more-or-less stuck to that vision, though there is a long way to go. I have also enjoyed getting my feet wet with writing… perhaps in preparation for something more substantive down the road.

I would like to thank my readers who have been following my little blog, and hope that you will stick around. I look forward to re-starting again in the fall with some new topics, and a re-energized way of engaging the more familiar.

–          Brad

5 Responses to “Taking a Hiatus”

  1. Alicia Says:

    Awww! Oh well, I look forward to reading again in the fall! I am hoping to get lots of reading done because I need to start blogging myself.

  2. Simon Ashton Says:

    Do make sure you come back with more Brad, high quality blogs are rare.

  3. Mrs. Neutron Says:

    Enjoy yourself Brad… get some sun on your bones. It will all be just as absurd when you get back. Never fear Old Boy!

  4. Mrs. Neutron Says:

    I’m still on the case Brad…

    Just got this.

    Hi there

    Sorry we don’t have any contact details for Dr Schumaker. It has been a number of years since he was a member of our staff. Thanks.

    Robyn Daly
    Administrative Services Manager
    Department of Psychology
    University of Canterbury
    Ph DDI: (03) 3642382
    Email: robyn.daly@canterbury.ac.nz

    Brad Reply:

    That’s some good detective work – it’s curious that he seems to have disappeared. I hope there is no reason for us to suspect foul play 😉